W3C TPAC: Lightning talks

TPAC is the annual gathering of the W3C. It was held at the Santa Clara Marriott between 27th and 31st October 2014.

It was the week that HTML5 became a W3C Recommendation, the week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the web, and 20 years of the W3C itself.

It was also a week where people and ideas came together. Robin Berjon organised a set of lightning talks. Each person was given four minutes to share their ideas, and the result was an hour of interesting, informative, funny and challenging content.

All the TPAC 2014 lightning talks are available on Vimeo, but for me the highlights included Robin Berjon on Web Ants, Mark Sadecki on Canvas accessibility, Chaals McCathie Nevile on Good Intentions, and Dr Stanley Dards (AKA Daniel Davis) on the real origins of the web.

For my part, I chose to share some ideas about how we can (and should) design like we give a damn!

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