Pork rillettes

I’ve loved pork rillettes since my family used to holiday in France during the summers of my childhood. I have many happy memories of sitting around the kitchen table in the cottage owned by friends in Parcay-Meslay, spreading rillettes onto slices of baguette with a good sprinkling of salt, accompanied with crunchy cornichons and (when […]

The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation

18/5000 한국어 번역 People often include screen reader users in the much larger group of keyboard-only users. Whilst this is correct (most screen reader users don’t use a mouse), it also creates a false impression of the way screen reader users navigate content.

Using the aria-roledescription attribute

The aria-roledescription attribute changes the way screen readers announce the role of an element. Intended to give authors a way to provide a localised and human-readable description for a role, it has the capacity to both enhance and seriously break accessibility for screen reader users.

Accessible SVG flowcharts

The accessible SVG line graphs post explains how to use ARIA table semantics to make that form of data visualisation accessible to screen readers. This article uses the same ARIA based approach to make a screen reader accessible SVG flowchart.

Eric Meyer’s Cinnamon chicken

The 13th in a series of posts that bring together the two sides of my blog: Food and technology. I’ve asked the great and the good from the web standards community to share their favourite recipes. This mouth-watering chicken dish is from Eric Meyer.

Regaining sight?

People often presume I would jump at the chance to be able to see again. The fact of the matter is that I really don’t know whether I would or not, because there is more to it than you might think.