Design like you give a damn!

Inclusive design is an aspirational concept. It isn’t particularly inspirational though. Inclusive design is a phrase for client meetings and government papers. No harm in that, but it isn’t a phrase that rocks the world and inspires us to challenge the accepted status quo.

Inspiration comes courtesy of an old school friend, founder and CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) of Architecture for Humanity. His philosophy? Design like you give a damn!

It’s a philosophy to change the world by. It’s a mantra that is as relevant in the digital world as it is in the physical. It’s a clarion call to anyone who believes things need to change, and that together we can do it!

Design like you’re Banksy. Read the rule book, then rip it up and create something that challenges the accepted wisdom.

Design like you’re Da Vinci. Be curious about everything, and never stop questioning how you can make things better.

  • Design like you’re Chanel. Strive for beauty and elegance, but understand that those things will not be the same for everybody.
  • Design like you’re Brunel. Know that planning is important, but that imagination makes the extraordinary possible.

    Be bold, be disruptive, be innovative, be inclusive. Be whatever you want to be. But whatever you do, let’s get out there and design like we give a damn!

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