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The California State University Northridge 26th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, referred to simply as CSUN, was an extraordinary few days. People from all over the world gathered to share knowledge and discuss ideas. Here are a few highlights from the web stream.

Accessibility of HTML5 and rich internet applications

A pre-conference workshop on the accessibility features of HTML5 and ARIA, plus other advanced techniques for AJAX driven web applications.

Accessibility challenges of HTML5

HTML5 allows web pages to behave like native applications. The HTML5 specification addresses many accessibility issues, but also introduces new challenges.

Accessible HTML5 media players, captions, audio description and search

Browser and access technology support for HTML5 media elements, captions and audio description.

Building fully accessible social software and rich web applications with WAI-ARIA

Understand how IBM used WAI-ARIA to create accessible forums, wikis, blogs, social networks and rich text editing.

Presentation source to be confirmed.

Role based inclusive design practices for web teams

Case studies and examples demonstrating how categorising WCAG into role based groups can help increase engagement and improve overall accessibility.

Presentation source to be confirmed.

Screen reader web accessibility face off

A comparison between Jaws, NVDA and VoiceOver, and their ability to handle web content and accessibility standards.

How to eat an elephant (tackling web accessibility in a large organisation)

Case study illustrating the challenges of implementing accessibility within a Fortune 100 company, and the lessons learned.

Successfully integrating accessibility in your organisation’s web development lifecycle

For accessibility requirements to be successfully built into the web development lifecycle, responsibility must be divided amongst the various contributors to the project.

Next generation web accessibility: improvement of usability for disabled users

Best practice approaches taken by Yahoo! To increase the usability of accessible web pages.

HTML5 Accessibility

Panel discussion with four accessibility experts working on the HTML5 specification.

Presentation source/notes to be confirmed.

Making rich internet applications accessible through jQuery

A look at the work being done by AOL and TPG to address the accessibility shortcomings of the jQuery widget library.

HTML5 and Flash: An accessibility comparison

Learn about the features and technical differences between the two most popular platforms for creating rich internet applications, Flash and HTML5.

Presentation source to be confirmed.

Web media accessibility with HTML5

Ways to achieve WCAG 2.0 conformance with the HTML5 media elements.

Presentation source to be confirmed.

Introducing DISTCHA – Yet another attempt at killing CAPTCHA

  • Vincent François (Accessibilité Web)

Could there be a secure, accessible and inclusive alternative to CAPTCHA?

Accessible Twitter: An update

One of the five minute micro presentations from the CSUN 2011 Tweetup.

Managing accessibility compliance in the enterprise

A look at ways to approach enterprise level accessibility, including project management and procurement.

Building IT awareness and community using the barcamp/unconference format

A look at the barcamp/unconference format, and the practical challenges of holding an event based on first hand experience.

Role of engineering best practices to create an inclusive web

A look at the common misconceptions about accessibility commonly felt by engineers working on web projects.

How CA Technologies established a 508-compliant Video Standards Program

Case study from CA Technologies and TPG. Exploring the use of Section 508 compliant video as a solution for product documentation, and meeting the challenges of audio description and captioned content.

The tribe and the challenge

Perhaps the most evocative idea to come out of CSUN 2011 was “the tribe”. John Foliot seemed to capture the CSUN zeitgeist when he described the global accessibility community as a tribe, drawn together by a shared ambition to make the web a truly inclusive place.

The Tribe was a theme that ran through many conversations and into sessions like the Web accessibility game plan. The idea seemed to gather quiet momentum throughout the week, and John issued a challenge to everyone who wants to be part of it:

Get out there, create, innovate, captivate and get a little disruptive. We have each other’s backs, let’s see what we can achieve together!

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