Open Web Camp 7: Prototyping web standards with Custom Elements

Open Web Camp (OWC) is an informal web conference. OWC7 (the last hurrah) was the last to be held in the Bay Area, on 1st August 2015. It was a pleasure to join John Foliot, Thomas Ford, Chaals McCathie Nevile and Katie Haritos Shea in organising OWC7 (the last hurrah).

Using the Web Speech API to simulate CSS Speech support

The CSS Speech properties are intended to give content aural style, in the same way other CSS properties give content visual style. The CSS Speech module is unsupported by browsers, but the Web Speech API can be used to demonstrate something of the way CSS Speech might work in practice.

Ayuntamiento De Zaragoza: Accessibility workshop

The Ayuntamiento De Zaragoza (Zaragoza city government) hosted a public accessibility workshop. The workshop was held at the Etopia centre in Zaragoza on 7th July 2015. From the website DOCUMENTACIÓN DEL TALLER PRÁCTICO DE ACCESIBILIDAD WEB POR EXPERTOS DEL W3C DEL 07/07/2015 LOS TEMAS QUE SE HAN ABORDADO SON: Dónde estamos ARIA Schema.org y metadatos […]

Drupal Camp Bristol: The metamorphosis of accessibility

Drupal Camp Bristol is a regional event hosted by the Drupal community. It was held at St George’s and Bristol University on 3rd and 4th July 2015. From the conference website Keynote Once upon a time, accessibility had a reputation problem. It wasn’t cool, and it certainly wasn’t sexy. Now it’s a core feature of […]

Crème brulée

When a friend generously gave me some saffron recently, it presented me with an opportunity to make crème brulée with a little extra magic in it. crème brulée is ridiculously easy to make, exudes classic style, and even has an element of danger about it… so even if (like me) you rarely eat dessert, what’s […]