Henny Swan’s 5 spice beef 5 ways

The 11th in a series of posts that bring together the two sides of my blog: Food and technology. I’ve asked the great and the good from the web standards community to share their favourite recipes. This bundle of awesome Chinese dishes is from Henny Swan.

Using the aria-controls attribute

There are a handful of ARIA1.0 attributes that can be used to indicate relationships between elements, when those relationships can’t be ascertained easily from the DOM. One such attribute is aria-controls.

W3C TPAC: Lightning talks

TPAC is the annual gathering of the W3C. It was held at the Santa Clara Marriott between 27th and 31st October 2014.

Scrambled eggs on toast

Breakfast at the weekend can be delightfully indulgent, and sometimes the simple things are the most tempting of all. Throw in some interesting company, a little conversation and this uncomplicated breakfast, and that’s my idea of heaven on a Sunday.

EpicFEL: Making custom widgets accessible with ARIA

Epic FrontEnd London is a design and development conference organised by Made By Many. It was held at the Sadler’s Wells theatre, on 4th October 2014. From the conference website: Repurposing HTML elements into custom widgets is common practice on the web, but making your widgets cross-platform and cross-device is another matter. HTML, CSS and […]