Adrian Rosellli’s Strawberry & balsamic sorbet

The 12th in a series of posts that bring together the two sides of my blog: Food and technology. I’ve asked the great and the good from the web standards community to share their favourite recipes. This versatile dessert is from Adrian Roselli.

Using the aria-owns attribute

When a parent/child relationship is evident on-screen, but it isn’t represented in the DOM, the aria-owns attribute can be used to establish that relationship in the accessibility layer.

Losing sight

I don’t know who will read this. I don’t even know why it has suddenly become important to write it, but for whatever it’s worth, this is an account of an event in my life that changed everything.

Fixing the Jaws cursor in Firefox

When keyboard access doesn’t work, the Jaws screen reader makes it possible to explore content using simulated mouse movements instead. This function is broken in Firefox, due to changes made (some time ago) in its graphics rendering engine. This post describes a workaround that has proved successful for some.

Using the Web Speech API to simulate CSS Speech support

The CSS Speech properties are intended to give content aural style, in the same way other CSS properties give content visual style. The CSS Speech module is unsupported by browsers, but the Web Speech API can be used to demonstrate something of the way CSS Speech might work in practice.

Crème brulée

When a friend generously gave me some saffron recently, it presented me with an opportunity to make crème brulée with a little extra magic in it. crème brulée is ridiculously easy to make, exudes classic style, and even has an element of danger about it… so even if (like me) you rarely eat dessert, what’s […]