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Accessible Twitter Applications

There’s simply no denying it. Twitter is one of the web’s killer applications of the moment. It’s not uncommon to hear of people buying a computer and getting online, just so they can start tweeting. Twitter is also proving popular with blind and partially sighted people. The Twitter website itself is reasonably accessible, and there […]

Jaws Scripts for Accessibility Links

Updated on 1 November 2018: Jaws scripts no longer available. Bruce Lawson recently asked whether adding rel=accessibility to the HTMl 5 specification was a good idea. Among the initial comments, Jared Smith noted that getting assistive technologies to support the idea might be a problem. For the major screen readers at least, I thought it […]

Guide to Emoticons

Emoticons are short strings of punctuation intended to express emotions in type written text. Text can be a very antiseptic way of communicating and without the ability to see the facial expressions of the person you are talking to, it can sometimes be difficult to correctly interpret the meaning of what they are saying.